Editorial: Nelson for supervisor

By Shawn Nelson, Published in the Orange County Register

Shawn Nelson, current chairman of the Board of Supervisors, told us he is asking Fourth District voters for another term this June because he still has work left to do at the county offices. And after his four successful years representing the people of his district, and the county at large, it would be hard for these editorial pages to say no.

In reality, it would be hard for anyone to earn our endorsement over Supervisor Nelson’s commendable record, and that is why this editorial board is endorsing his quest to finish the county’s business left undone.

Supervisor Nelson continues to follow through on the promises he made to voters when he was first elected to the board in 2010. And he has shown a willingness to defend the taxpayer from the dais and from across the negotiating table with the county’s public employee unions.

Similarly, Supervisor Nelson has fought the encroachment of nanny-state style governance in the county, opposing proposals like the countywide social host ordinance that have made him a voice of the liberty-minded – a voice we are happy to have on the board.

Further, the supervisor told us he loves his job. And he would have to, with all he has given up for the job – putting his successful law practice aside, declining the county pension and being unable to pay in to Social Security so long as he remains in his seat.

His opponent, Rudy Gaona, hasn’t returned calls to be interviewed, but his campaign website lists him as an employee of the LAC + USC Medical Center and a California National Guardsman. He lists his goals as being a taxpayer advocate that would push for more accountability and transparency in county government. It is nothing we can fault him for, but without the benefit of an interview we clearly cannot recommend him to voters.

Supervisor Nelson’s straightforward approach to the issues continues to be well received by the public and these editorial pages. It would be hard to match the accomplishments that Supervisor Nelson has already achieved and the many we expect him to accomplish in his next term.

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