Nelson comes out against redevelopment abuse

By Steve Greenhut, Orange Punch

Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, who is running for supervisor to replace termed-out Chris Norby, has taken a stand against an egregious expansion of redevelopment in Fullerton — a plan that threatens the character and charm of the city, not to mention how it threatens taxpayers and property owners. Check out his response on Red County blog. As Nelson explains, “We don’t need more bureaucratic micromanagement of private property development, and we don’t need the threat of eminent domain hanging over any honest citizen’s head. We don’t need anymore subsidized housing obligations created by Redevelopment tax increment collection. We certainly do not need our council forced to take on the role of ‘developer’ which we are are woefully unqualified to fill.”

We’ll see what Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly, the Democrat running for the supervisor’s seat, to see what his view is on redevelopment and eminent domain and this particular project in Fullerton.

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